Thank you!


Thank you!

We have had so many volunteers that have helped throughout the years, there is no way to get everyone but we tried, so sorry if we missed you! Email us if we did.

In Seattle the march started in spring time 1998, with some old school Cannabis activists from all over Washington. This is a list compiled after 2008, when I Melissa Hysom began this volunteer journey to help save cannabis and keep the march going in our state.

Cannabis is a plant and should be able to be grown by anyone. We believe that by treating your cannabis as part of any other edible in our garden. Leaving all toxic pesticides applied for pest and mold control, out of the question. Our mission is to spread Cannabis knowledge out to as many as humanly possible. We believe it will bring our societies core closer. Interaction with one another stronger, healthier with a complete better quality of life. The goal we should all have is to inspire generations to come. There is no better way to do this than with cannabis.

Thanks to all that have helped from the beginning. If I happen to leave you out, it’s either because I don’t know you/didn’t know exactly what you did/ or some other reason that I am truly sorry for leaving your name off the list. Which brings me to those that for some reason do not want to be on the list and are on it, please send me an email and I will promptly take you off.

This list will be updated periodically. This was done quickly, please forgive if I forgot you! 02-2017 MH


List of folks that volunteered:


Sunil Agerwall                                                                                  

Jared Allaway

Alison Baird

Joy Beckerman

Ami Black 

Kevin Black

Boris Budd

Alex Cooley

Shawn DeNay

Dawn Darington

Dominic Corva

John Davis

Ranee Ely

Steve Elliot

Kristin Flor

Rolland Gregg

Asha Gunabalan

Igmu Tanka Luta

Jedidiah Haney

Meagan Holt

Maddi Madaline Holt

Douglas Hyatt

Melissa Hysom

Rev Jeff

Cat Jeter

Gloria Kalteich

 Jeremy Kaufman

Patrick Kennedy

Morgan Kristine

Farmer Tom Lauerman

Kirk Luddon

Martin Martinez

JoAnna McKee

Vivian McPeak

Josh Miller

Mike Nannie

Morgan Kristine

Jeremy Moberg

David Muret

Martin Nickerson

Danica Nobel

John Novak

One Man Band

Steve Palmer

Tim Pate

Steve Phun

Tammy Ramsay


Danielle Rosellison

Keevey Schwartz

Michael Scott

Patrick Seifert

Sid Law

Poppy Sidu

Don Skakie

Yvonne Snyder

Thomas Turner

Kris Vincel

Stephani Viskovich

Greg West

Brady Walkinshaw

Ah Warner

Sharon Whitson

Adrian Xavier



Cannabis Alliance

Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Womens Alliance


Deep Green-Grandma Cat


Evergreen Industries

Hemp Industries Association


House of Glass

Kelcema Productions, sound


Northern Cross

NORMAL Womens Alliance

NorthWest Leaf

Northern Lights

Patient 2 Patient

Piece of Mind

Washington Bud Company

Washington Hemp Industries Association


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